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Wheelchair evaluation and testing results should be recorded and made available to all stakeholders.Such information will help stakeholders to select the most appropriate wheelchair for a given use.I have to admit that what happened to me, being a landmine victim, helped me realize that life does not end in one or more difficulties.Also, through the help of so many people around me I was able to go beyond the tragedy in my life. Whenever there’s an opportunity to speak about advocacy to ban landmines, I make a sincere appeal to people and governments, asking them to support this campaign, to give more assistance to help the victims and their families.Individuals ought to be trained to design, produce and test wheelchairs that meet these guidelines.

Governments, manufacturers and suppliers need to work together to establish a sustainable supply of wheelchairs that meet national standards.

Reth is now an ambassador for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), an initiative he was co-awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for in 1997.

He has travelled the world urging governments to make landmines history.

It is recommended that government authorities develop and adopt national wheelchair standards applicable to all wheelchairs supplied in a country.

This includes all locally produced wheelchairs and imported wheelchairs, whether donated or purchased.

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