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On 13 June 1944, a week after the allied invasion of Normandy, a loud buzzing sound rattled through the skies of battle-worn London.

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It’s called the Poisson distribution, and it assumes that your events are rare, have a fixed average rate, and are independent (i.e.An Italian firm selling mannequins that secretly monitor the age, race and gender of customers using facial recognition software has come under fire from privacy groups.The information logged by the dummies is then used to implement more effective marketing strategies by stores in the US and Europe.(a narrow focus on stopping mass shootings is less likely to produce beneficial changes than a broader-based effort to reduce homicide and other violence.We can and should take steps to prevent mass shootings, of course, but these rare and terrible crimes are like rare and terrible diseases — and a strategy to address them is best considered within the context of more common and deadlier threats to population health.“.

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