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There are of course a lot more, but these are a few of the ones used most. Keeping purple martins can be a very gratifying and enjoyable hobby, however it's a lot more complicated than just putting a house on top of a pole and letting them come.

Sometimes, if certain rules aren't followed, martins may never come and the house is then taken over by either English House Sparrows or European Starlings, the martins worst nesting competitors and of course, the landlord-to-be is left scratching his head and wondering why?

It has also been examined in various contexts, including in the military, in health and in child development.

'Part of the reason for a lack of consensus is the research so far has been narrowly focused.

In today's instant society, many people just buy one of those 'cute' little store bought houses, stick it up on a pole and then wait for the martins to come and that's about the worst thing one could do.

The first thing you have to do is educate yourself. Read this page and read other pages on the Internet.

However; with so many sites falling into disrepair because of landlord neglect or being taken over by pest birds, it is now recognized that ASY birds will now move on to a new site.

Therefore; go to this page The Martin Bio Page and look at the map at the bottom of that page.

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Being spiritual or religious can also help someone thrive, as can a calm environment and a high degree of autonomy.

He carried out the research as part of his PHD studies at the University of Bath.

His primary supervisor, Dr Rachel Arnold, an expert in the psychology of performance excellence, is a co-author of the paper.

He says 'thriving' in life comes from being positive, spiritual, pro-active, flexible, confident and socially competent.

But having opportunities, family support, challenges, a calm environment, trust and autonomy are also important.

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