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Now, it is at night at this point, and as luck would have it, I've been to Tbilisi's Botanical Gardens. we'll have to see." (That last is in reference to the assertion that I should marry a Georgian man and stay here forever.) After all that's out of the way, he wants to go for a walk with me through the Botanical Gardens. You can share photos, chat with new people, meet girls, meet boys, find girlfriend and find boyfriend.Your friends and even people nearby might visit your profile, rate your photos and comment on your photos. on the bridge." At that evening, as I am walking towards the bridge, my phone rings. I think it will be very good for you to be my girlfriend." I tell him that is very sweet, but remind him that he has known me a total of maybe three hours. He agrees after some reluctance (after all, the Gardens are soooooo beautiful at night) and we start to walk. With a big smile, I tell Zaza that I don't think the Gardens are a good idea tonight, but suggest getting a beer at one of the dozens of lovely outdoor cafes that pepper Old Tbilisi.

He is extremely proud that he can tell me this distance in miles, because: "Americans, you cannot understand the metric system." For my part, I have the same problem with the lake as I did with the Gardens yesterday, and tell him I'd rather stay in the City Center. I pull away gently, and say something like "I'm not much of a hand-holder, I'm afraid." (I'm really not, by the way.) This does not deter him. Eventually I don't see much of anything familiar, and realize I've reached the limit of my being able to find my way back on my own. I have never in my life had to bodily fend off a grown man -- a man -- from trying to kiss me after I have made it well and truly clear that his advances are not welcome. Zaza and I make our way to the very top of the ruined tower. It's truly beautiful up there, with panoramic views of the city below. At this point, I'm looking forward to being bought dinner and maybe a very strong cocktail for this ordeal, but instead, Zaza suggests a trip on... We chat about travel, and literature, and our families. But after we get settled, it actually turns into a pretty decent conversation.

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