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From the perspective of prestigious city club bartender Marko Mare , this is story about modern day Belgrade and its residents.Photography student Nadja Groß (Henriette Heinze) has a lot on her plate, she goes to school, she has a job as a free lancer photographer for a magazine, while economically helping her ...Following videos and clues over the social networks, Jovan finds indications of Maja's parallel life.In the web of lies, pride, jealousy and passionate sex, Jovan loses himself only to find who Maja really is.because it is a film about Serbia, about career, importance of studies and jealousy. about illusory forms of truth and about the fear to loss the other.but its basic gift is to be reflection of its public.

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Olja is a high school history teacher, married to a painter whose latest exhibition provoked violent reactions from Serbian nationalists.

But — except for the likes of a still-smiling, still-crooning Tony Bennett who turned 90 earlier this month — they are unhappier than before the Great Recession. Announcing his win, the Royal Swedish Academy commended Deaton on how people spend their money on different goods, how much of society’s income is spent and saved.

Princeton University economist Angus Deaton, who won the Nobel Prize in economic sciences last year, shed some light on this.

Up until that moment Djordje is strongly convincedthat his father is ...

See full summary » In recent years, city of Belgrade has been proclaimed the capital of European clubbing.

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