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PW has repeatedly try to manipulate her back into his sleazeball fold but failed miserably thankfully.

She seems somewhat lonely or adrift currently but with resolve she;ll make it in a new life I dont think we will ever see more from her (unless there are videos still to be released, which i doubt).

You could make a kickstarter to get money and buy a camera, a websites domain.

Yes she has recently announced through a Riga/Latvia magazine she's withdrawn from activity in the "adult model/actress" industry, though still posting on her twitter site and Instagram.Her last cam show comment was 6/25 so she probably isn't camming any more either. Gravity is something not even training can fight back.Cammodels appears to log her in at PM each night so they can say she is still on their site but her last paid comment by someone who saw her show was in June. So she will never look as good as she did several years ago, and criticism will be to savage on her if she decides to work even a little again... Yes she's definitely opted out hopefully permanently before it scars her for life & especially her motherhood desires.Although it's a just a fetish or fantasy, it saddens me when some people can't differentiate between reality and fantasy when the white guilt has also affected his ability to think rationally. Rotherham scandal Guys its time to make yours own dream come true.After all thoses years waiting for better porn video and casting, you should make your own porn studio.

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