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After they have sex, Tony's girlfriend Valentina accidentally sets the sleeve of her kimono on fire and ends up badly burned.

After Tony visits her in a hospital burn unit, he drops in on Tony B at his mother's house.

Dean i Sam od dzieciństwa przygotowywani byli do misji, która stanowi sens ich życia. Teraz Sam chce studiować prawo, żyć spokojnie i normalnie.

I tak się dzieje do chwili, kiedy jego starszy brat, Dean (Jensen Ackles), zjawia się z niepokojącymi wiadomościami: ich ojciec, człowiek, który od 22 lat walczył ze złem, zniknął.

Tony checks himself into a luxury suite at the Plaza Hotel and nearly runs into Dr. When evening comes, a bored Tony starts drinking and calls Charmaine, to whom he is attracted.

Running through TV channels, he sees an advert for an escort agency and makes a call for an Asian girl.

If no one can or want to translate, there won't be subtitles in your language.

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Spider Walk With Me (air date: 2016-11-23) A mysterious stranger shows up on Stan's door with knowledge of the curse he and Evie are fighting.

At the same time, Willard's Mill residents start getting killed by a giant spider.

If you hate waiting, that may be reason enough for you to learn English.

The passing year was not the easiest one for us, we have lost few members.

But in any case, we still provide you a quality service.

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