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Lower case even when referring to the defence team at the MOD. Lower case except when in the title: the Department of Health. Lower case unless part of a title like Edexcel L2 Diploma in IT.​ Upper case. Upper case in titles: Spencer Tracy, Director, GDS.

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Lower case even in a name: Northampton borough council. The only acceptable use of square brackets is for explanatory notes in reported speech: “Thank you [Foreign Minister] Mr Smith.” Don’t use round brackets to refer to something that could either be singular or plural, like ‘Check which document(s) you need to send to DVLA.’ Always use the plural instead, as this will cover each possibility: ‘Check which documents you need to send to DVLA.’ See Great Britain Upper case. Upper case in titles: Spencer Tracy, Chairman, GDS. The acronym should come first as it’s more widely known than the full name.

eg can sometimes be read aloud as ‘egg’ by screen reading software. Leave unabbreviated to distinguish from the European Community. Only say ‘civil penalty’ if there’s evidence users are searching for the term.

For example, “You’ll pay a £50 fine.” For other types of sanction, say what will happen to the user - you’ll get points on your licence, go to court and so on.

Don’t use hyphens in ages unless to avoid confusion, although it’s always best to write in a way that avoids ambiguity. Use the -ise rather than -ize suffix: organise not organize, for example (this isn’t actually an Americanism but is often seen as such).

Upper case when referring to the business area covered by Money Laundering Regulations. Not advisor, but advisory is the correct adjective. Exceptions include where it’s part of a specific name: 4th Mechanized Brigade, for example. Steps end in a full stop because each should be a complete sentence.

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